"Hayden is amazing, compassionate, knowledgeable and just an awesome powerful woman and birth partner. She enhanced our birth experience so much that my wife and I were talking about our next baby just hours after the birth. She was there throughout the pregnancy to answer my wife's questions and support her and she was up and on the way to the hospital when we had last minute complications in the middle of the night. 

I highly suggest using her as a photographer too, her pictures are awesome and she does a great job of balancing her duties as doula and photographer. She was always there when she was needed for support and still managed to get pictures of all our most important moments. 

As a father, I tried to learn as much as I could so that I could really be there to support my wife through it all; yet words can not express how great Hayden was and how much better she made the birth and labor experience for me as a partner. 

You need to hire her!"


Hayden was a fantastic birth photographer! Her presence at our birth was upbeat, calm, and supportive, and we couldn't be happier with the amazing album of photographs she created to document our second child's birth.

Hayden was our back-up birth photographer, so we didn't actually get to meet her in person before the birth. Instead, in the week before my due date, we had a quick video chat to get to know each other. I instantly felt comfortable with Hayden's warm, honest manner. When she arrived at the birth center during my fast-paced labor, Hayden quickly slipped into the rhythm of our birthing room and was a perfect part of the team. After the baby arrived, she stayed with us for a few hours, joking and sharing stories and documenting our new addition to the family. She delivered the photographs in a very timely fashion and has been a great communicator. Her photos are gorgeously detailed, colorful, and emotional. I couldn't be happier with our birth photographer experience!



I don't know where to began. Hayden was our angel from heaven and an important part of our amazing birth. I reached out to her around 38 weeks. At first I wasn't sure if we would use her but her genuine joy and extreme open mindedness confirmed she was the perfect fit for our family. She was onboard to be a helping hand and capture our first unassisted birth. I loved how she let my body go as long as possible without unnecessary pressure and she was very flexible and understanding of the financial aspect. 
The day I went into labor it was the most magical and the most peaceful empowering moment of my life. Hayden seamlessly disappeared into the background and reappeared when necessary with helpful tips and advice and encouraging words. We can't thank her enough, plus the pictures turned out to be just as breathtaking as the whole experience. I would highly highly recommend her, you won't be disappointed.”


I cannot recommend Hayden enough, both as a client of hers + as a midwife. For my own birth she took pictures and video that I will absolutely treasure forever. The quality of her work is stunning and worth every. freaking. penny! I am so grateful for her presence at my birth that helped me through the intensity of it all. She stepped in to support me even though I hadn't hired her to be my doula, she was always there when I needed her most. I cannot thank her enough! 

Working with her at births in a professional role has also been just as incredible. The support and care she provides to each and every client is exactly why I refer her again & again! 

I look forward to working with Hayden for the years to come!


"I don't even know how to express how grateful I am to have had Hayden as my Doula. She was absolutely amazing. The emotional and physical support she provided, along with the support she gave to the father of my child and his mother was unbelievable. On top of all of that she took over 300 of the best photos I could have asked for. This woman is incredible at what she does... sharing her own experiences to help relate to what I was going through, the constant breast feeding and newborn support that she still provides if I need it, and staying calm in the delivery room when the nurse was being rude to her for no reason.

If your looking for someone to help you through the birth of your child with relaxation techniques ranging from different positions, massage techniques, aromatherapy, and all around encouraging coaching skills I recommend you choose Hayden as your Doula.

Her "You're a BEAST" attitude helped me more than I ever could have imagined. Also her helping the father of my child be involved by showing him different ways to comfort & support me helped make him and I the best team ever. I had the best Natural Birth I could have asked for under the circumstance because of her and the father of my child. (& Grandmom too)




When we found out that we were expecting our first child, I was eager to start my search for a doula. From our first meeting, I knew that I wanted Hayden to be my doula. She was friendly and very knowledgeable. Most importantly (for me) I felt comfortable around her and she had a good energy. I also liked that she was a birth photographer. She was always professional and she always made sure to respond back to any of my questions at a timely manner. Even though my labor happened so fast, Hayden did make it for most of my birth. She was a great support for me and my husband in the birth room. I am so glad that we chose Hayden. She is awesome! I definitely will be using her as my doula for our second baby. I almost forgot to mention how talented she is as a photographer. I absolutely love her work!


Hayden is absolutely amazing. As a new father I wasn't sure what to expect, but I can't imagine having another person in the world to be our doula. She met with us a few times prior to our delivery and was very nice and informative. She made me feel very comfortable and confident in the decisions we were making. When the time came, my wife's water broke at home. We have her a call and she answered right away, made she everything was ok, and since this was late at night, told us to get some sleep!

Things progressed rapidly and we met up at the hospital. She was literally perfect. Gave advice where we needed it. Anticipated things we would never have thought of. Labor did not go as planned and ended up taking 37 hours! Hayden was right there with us the whole time. It felt like she was a member of the family, helping and as involved as you would expect from a member of your family. She encouraged my wife and I when we needed it, physically filled in for me when I needed to rest, and made sure we understood everything that was happening. As a person, you can tell that she really cares. We never felt like she was pressuring us to do anything we didn't didn't to do, and supported us 100% at all times.

I will forever be indebted to her for helping us safely bring our daughter into the world. She came back to our house a few weeks later and did a photo shoot and the pictures came out fantastic. I couldn't give a higher recommendation for Hayden as your next doula. 


I can’t say enough good things. With a birth that went completely “off track” and was very different than what I’d hoped, not only did Hayden manage to keep me from completely freaking out, she helped us step back and make an informed decision when the time came. She was a soothing presence all through labor and both my husband and I are thankful for it. Not to mention she was totally on board with catching my parents’ reactions to meeting their first grandbaby in some absolutely stunning photographs




     To a mom one of the worst things is seeing your child in pain. As a mom you know the pain of child birth brings the most overwhelming joy! But going through that pain is is not easy and yet with each contraction as Sarah tensed up, Hayden would gently touch her shoulder and Sarah would relax into it. I don't know how to explain the calm in that room. Even when the baby's heartbeat slowed and they struggled to get it back everyone just worked together calmly to move Sarah through the pain. Everyone, Sarah, Will, the nurse, the doula all amazing!! It felt surreal! Thank you Hadyen!



"It's hard to put into words how grateful I am to Hayden. Throughout my pregnancy she was there to answer my questions or just listen when I was nervous. She told me my baby's birth would be beautiful and it was! 
Hayden arrived in the middle of the night and was there for me throughout labor. She is such a beautiful calming presence that she made me and my partner confident. I can still hear her voice "Let that one go". In between each painful contraction. A phrase I can carry with me for stressful times in everyday life. 
Not only did she guide me through birth. She took pictures that my family can treasure forever!"



"Hayden was able to give me so much more than the birthing experience I wanted. She helped give me confidence to go in there and feel empowered with knowledge and ability. She was constantly ready to answer questions and go above and beyond research, was very easy to contact, and made this such an incredible experience.

I was anxious at first and questioned everything until she helped me feel more confident. I Would absolutely recommend her skills and ability to anyone and everyone. She is positive and easy to contact, listens to what you want and need, and is supportive the whole way. My labor would have been VERY different if not for her, all for positive reasons. Thank you so much Hayden!!!! If I could rate this more than five stars, I would in a heart beat!!"