“There is a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.” ~ Laura Stavoe Harm


Birth Arts International Trained


Certified Lactation Counselor

Hey! I'm Hayden...

In May of 2016, I gave birth to my son Enzlo. Our experience was nothing short of incredible, and downright ethereal. My vision of birth before him was never a pleasant thought. Birth seemed full of unknowns, pain, and fear. But something changed during the course of my pregnancy journey. While taking a childbirth education class, I met a doula. Through her, I learned so many valuable things. Things that could be applied to not only my pregnancy, but to help guide me through my labor, and ultimately to the birthing of my baby boy.

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I was terrified of what birth could bring. As such, I was planning on having every intervention in the book. I wanted to feel nothing, yet 8 months later my son was born naturally into water. I know in my heart that, without my doula, this wouldn't have been possible. Her presence at my birth brought me strength, comfort, and a feeling that is difficult to describe. I will settle on calling it "empowerment."

Our culture has brought unnecessary fear to the birthing world. Yet with what I learned through my birth experience, I walked away with a fresh new babe in my arms, wanting to yell at the top of a mountain to all mothers letting them know that this can be beautiful, this can be amazing, you can birth without fear. I knew then, that I wanted to be that support for others. I wanted to help birthing people walk away from their births feeling empowered. I wanted them to look back on it as a positive experience...even if it didn't go as planned.

No matter how you envision your birth to be, whether it's a planned cesarean or a natural home birth, I will be there to support you. I will be there to help you make informed, evidence-based decisions. I am a passionate Mother, and I am a passionate Doula. I am here to help bring confidence, empowerment, knowledge, and comfort to birth, one mama at a time.